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Patricia Ramirez NYC


A sacred space held to guide you into an ecstatic dance with your chakras (energy centers). ChakraDance a type of movement meditation specifically made to create a clearer communication line with your intuition and subtle body through the power of free style dance/movement. Based in Jungian psychology, the music and guided imagery are crafted specifically to safely connect with your chakras, allowing whatever needs to come up from your psyche to reveal itself to you in the moment. Meditation, mandala art, and circle sharing are other elements included in this inward journey. No dance or meditation experience needed.
ChakraDance can be an excellent alternative for individuals who find meditating in stillness difficult and can be a powerful addition to individuals who meditate regularly. Great for anyone with an open mind, for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with their intuition and body, and for anyone wanting to connect with others in a sacred space.
*Other considerations: Blindfolded dancing is optional, eyes are ideally closed, very dim lighting, loud music, and it’s a no judgement zone.
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**ChakraDance was created by Natalie Southgate, for more information please visit www.Chakradance.com
Ebony Chakra NYC

Frequency Body Readings,

Eboni is a psychic, trauma survivor, painter, and writer who connects these aspects of herself into her work. She has been sharing astral chakra readings via word of mouth since “accidentally” discovering her skill in 2012 and has recently begun serving the public. Her sessions involve gently touching the chakras as she attunes to your light body. During your time together. Eboni clears blocked energy while sharing connections between conscious, subconscious, past life, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of yourself that are ready to be healed. Clients consistently share that their experience with her is life-changing.

And as an additional service upon client request, she will paint your reading into an astral self-portrait. Her paintings serve as a memento of one’s choice to embrace their full self.

Additionally, Eboni is part of a lineage of psychics. Her maternal great grandmother facilitated readings, participated in spell work, and read palms for a living to support people in their healing. You can learn more about Eboni and see some of her paintings on her IG: @ebonigoldensnake.

Please contact Nycmanager@gmail.com to book your session !
AngelaSang NYC

Diamond Reiki,

Reiki is energy healing using the hands as a conduit for this energy from the Supreme Consciousness.
Diamond Reiki is Reiki with an added BONUS…channeled energetic, conscious, universal diamonds from the Universal Conscious Infinite Being. Inside them are life forces at work. They are a tool for healing and ascension. This channeling is guided and assisted by Guardians, Angels,  and Multidimensional Beings to increase the effects of these diamonds.
*** Special: You will also receive a special symbol given to me during my attunement for Usui Reiki.

Prices for Angela’s services

  • Diamond Reiki…approx. … 1hr. …$100
  • Diamond Reiki & channeled meditation with spiritual advice…approx. 1 1/2 hr. …$175
  • Diamond Reiki & a psychic reading with spiritual advice…approx. 1 1/2 hr. …$175
  • Diamond Reiki, a psychic reading & a personalized healing spiritual message…approx. 1 1/2 hr. …$222
  • Diamond Reiki, a psychic reading, channeled meditation & a personalized spiritual message…approx. 1 3/4 hr. …$333
  • Sessions can be split between two people, cost is $50 each, each person receiving 1/2 hr back to back.
  • Group Diamond Reiki session rates are $60 per person.  Sessions are at least 1 1/2 hr depending on the number of participants

Please contact Nycmanager@gmail.com to book your session . 

Times given are approximate as services are experiential in length.
These services are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. Please consult your physician.

Amita NYC

Ayurvedic Consultation,

You are more than what you eat. You are what you digest! Ayurveda’s approach to wellness begins with a thorough analysis of your unique constitution. It gives you the tools of prevention and maintenance by connecting you to nature, creating a path of gentle healing and balance for the body, mind and consciousness. You will receive a custom life-style and diet plan built on four pillars – Food, Exercise, Breathing and Meditation. Perfect body weight, health, beauty and a stress-free mind is the outcome of this amazing unfolding of knowledge. Leave with a renewed approach to life and be your own guide and health coach.

First Consultation: $140

One follow up visit after a month: $80 (also available Skype consultations for the same price)

Please contact Nycmanager@gmail.com to book your session !

Carola Atmananda NYC Akashic Records

Akashic Records,

The *Akashic Records* are a vibrational field of information where every Soul’s past, present, or future possibilities are recorded. A Records Reading is a transformative, empowering experience that elevates your consciousness, liberates you from limiting beliefs and behaviors, and catalyzes your greatest potential.

60 Minutes  Akashic Records Readings (A Q&A channeling session, downloading information direct from the divine Universal Consciousness “Akasha”.

75 Minutes Healing with Akashic Records (a deeper session that offers guidance, support, and wisdomin connetion with the Akashic Records and using healing techniques)

For your session , please prepare 5 questions to have answered about everyday life, past lives, the deeper human experiences, and everything in between using “How…?” “What…?” Or “Why…?” questions.

Please contact Nycmanager@gmail.com to book your session

Carola Atmananda NYC Akashic Records

Theta Healing,

The *ThetaHealing®️*  is a practical  healing technique that transforms your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health at the  cellular level. It is a Decodification of the DNA by  observing and changing the system of beliefs. When we change our beliefs we changed our manifestations of our current environment, including daily patters, health, wealth and relationships. It is a session based on Vianna Stibal Technique.

A) During a TH session we get in tuned to a Theta brainwaves state through a guided meditation by connecting to this higher state of consciousness, the client accesses to this frequency where can co-create healing in the body, receive clear intuitive guidance, change belief systems and in turn transform and  align their life with their greater purpose.

Theta healing is a 75 min session at a price for $150.

Please contact Nycmanager@gmail.com to book your session