Atmananda Yoga Mat

Is Your Yoga Mat Helping or Hurting your practice?

If you do yoga, you know that the yoga mat you use can make or break your practice.
I have been practicing yoga for a little over a decade and the Atmananda yoga mat is the first yoga mat, that has helped to transform my practice so completely. Here are some standout features of the mat that make it superior in my opinion. First of all it is eco friendly. This is key to both my health and the health of the environment.
What makes The Atmananda yoga mat truly it exceptional is that it’s designed to assist yogis and yoginis at all levels with beautifully designed alignment lines and symbols. The intention is to help prevent injuries by getting us to align into positions properly. This makes so much sense because we all know that moment of panic when we are trying a new position and wondering whether we have entered it correctly or not. A few of us more advanced practitioners have no doubt had the moment where we realize we have been doing an asana wrong for many years. I love the Atmananda yoga mat because it enables people who, for one reason or another, do not attend yoga classes to accurately know if they are doing the asanas correctly. I’ve noticed some helpful recalibrations of my own from practicing on the mat and I’ve been doing some of these poses for over a decade.
The Atmananda yoga mat has become more crucial as more people take up yoga practice across the world. I have taught a few classes and I have seen countless interpretations of an asana. When your mat is guiding you where to place your body, it reduces the risk of an asana being done incorrectly and therefore reduces the chance of an injury. It also increases the odds of a positive yoga session by ensuring the poses are done as intended. The ethical considerations of the mat’s material are compelling when compared to most other yoga mats, while the aesthetic of the mat is among the most beautiful (and certainly the most useful) that I have seen.