I’ve been working, performing and teaching in the Dance/Wellness/Martial Arts/Yoga Industries for up to 15 years, and feel that Jhon T’s Yoga Teacher Training at Atmananda is the most powerful Yoga Training you could sign up for. I have a feeling that he will become quite sought-after, so you should jump on the chance to work with him directly. Through this one-month intensive Training, I not only became a great teacher, but also, so deepened in my own path and growth that I now have so much more to offer those who will study with me…as well as having changed my own life. I highly recommend Atmananda Teacher Trainings….I found this place by chance, and feel like I hit the jack-pot!!

They also have customized programs, as well as the intensive Trainings, so you can do the program while working, or at your own pace; which is rare to find, and helpful in NYC!


“Atmananda is one of those rare places in New York that really feels like home. I first took a class with the owner Jhon T five years ago. Since then it has become my home base in the city. The studio has a diverse community, from the Indian Gurus who frequently hold teachings to an in-house Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturists.”

Abena, Citysearch

“I went here when visiting people in NY and loved the space and the instruction. The small size of the class allowed the instructor to give a lot of personal attention and adjustments. She was an amazing yogi too! Very inspiring to see what she could do. Easy signup online and a ton of course offerings per day.  Recommended!”

Megan, Yelp

“This is not only a yoga center, it’s a place that brings together all kinds of health care professionals under one roof, but in a relaxing, cool atmosphere that you like to hang out in!  You really feel like they are passionate about their mission for whole person health.  Besides the yoga, which takes place spacious room, there is also yoga teacher training, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and even astrology!  The staff is the nicest ever, and they always have these great events happening there like this yogic dance class and monthly drumming.  It reminds me of a place in Los Angeles called Golden Bridge… I didn’t know they had places like this in NYC “

Mary, Yelp

“Atmananda Yoga is the best place to help you evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. I just finished the Yoga Teacher Training and it has changed my life. Its sequence and teachers are awesome. The facility is spacious and inviting. Overall, it was a great experience.”

Mercy Torres, City Search

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