Teacher Training FAQ

What is the Atmananda Yoga Sequence?

This meticulously crafted and time-tested sequence is designed as the center of the asana practice for the serious Vinyasa yogi at any level. Combining the most powerful classic postures in a complete flow through all asana types, from standing to seated, from twists to inversions, the Atmananda sequence is the fastest and most effective way to learn yoga: a physical tool and energetic key to activating Samadhi, or higher consciousness, as well as deep self-healing through exercise. It is one of the most effective and physiologically sound sequences available to the contemporary yogi. Six levels, applicable as individual segments or in seamless entirety, take the aspirant through all stages to mastery.


What will I get from the Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certification Program?

Develop your voice as a teacher: AYSCP is more than simply learning the asanas.  We realize the power of developing your confidence and mastering the art of communication.  These are skills that we want our teachers to possess both inside and outside of the yoga studio.  From day one we develop these skills taking turns leading fellow students through sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, seated sequences and short meditation sessions.

Become an expert in Detail:  Our teaching method centers on continuous attention to detail and fine tuning by adjustment.  We realize both the power and the delicacy of the body.  Keeping the body in correct alignment may mean the difference between chronic injury and states of openness that you never imagined possible.  Our training focuses on the details, creating teachers who know how to protect their students from injury and open the body safely.


What does the typical day look like for this program?

8:30AM – 9:00AM: Breath, Kriyas, and Meditation

9:00AM – 10:00AM:  Morning Yoga Class

10:00AM – 10:30AM: Break

10:30AM – 12:25PM: Asanas Practice

12:25PM – 1:30PM: Lunch and Nutrition

1:30PM – 3:30PM: Philosophy/Anatomy

3:30PM – 5:00PM:  Break or Karma Yoga

5:15PM – 6:15PM: Observing Class/ Karma Yoga

6:30PM – 8:00PM: Yoga Class


What is the Customized Program and who is appropriate to take this program?

Whether you are an international visitor only in the city for a certain time, or simply New Yorker with a busy schedule, our customized program may be the right choice for you.  We work with your schedule to complete the 200 hours in a time frame that works for you.  Much of the customized training is done in small groups with other customized teacher trainees, but trainings may also be done as private classes.  If there is another program running, you will also be asked to sit in on those classes as much as possible.


What if I simply want to deepen my practice, but not necessarily become a teacher?
Is the Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certification Program right for me?

Whether you are looking for a meaningful practice or a meaningful livelihood, this program is right for you.  The in-depth experience of yoga will be life-changing for you regardless of your future intentions. We encourage all students to simply take this step on their journey and see where it leads them!


What special discounts and offers do teacher trainers receive?

To show our appreciation, we are pleased to offer all trainees free unlimited yoga classes for the duration of their program. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this perk to help deepen and strengthen your practice.


My practice is not as advanced as I would like it to be and I have not mastered the advanced postures. Can I take this training?

What is most important is your dedication to yoga and your commitment to learn.  All levels have come through our doors and had positive experiences.  That being said, the more you do your homework and practice before your program begins, the deeper you will delve and the more knowledge you will absorb.  We encourage students to truly commit to their practice leading up to the training.


What is the attendance policy for the Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certification Program? What if I have to miss a session or if I am sick?

The AYSCP is based on hours of participation. Every student is expected to attend each scheduled class and fulfill all the requirements in order to receive a certificate upon completion of the program. Atmananda is a close and united community – respect and consideration for fellow students and Instructors is strongly enforced.  If you need to miss a class, you will need to notify the instructor and work out a time to make up class.  We work very hard to find a schedule that fits yours and expect your commitment in return.


How do I register with Yoga Alliance?

You are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance once you have completed our program, fulfilled all necessary requirements and passed your teaching test.  Many studios require you to be registered with Yoga Alliance before they allow you to teach.  We recommend that you register sooner than later, because the longer you are registered the more teaching opportunities are available to you.

More information about Yoga Alliance registration is available on the Yoga Alliance

Website at


After the 200-hour Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certification Program, how can I continue my education with Atmananda Yoga Sequence and deepen my practice?

Atmananda Yoga Sequence also holds a 500hour Advanced Teacher Certification Program, which 200hour certified teachers are eligible to join.  Our studio also offers private yoga classes, which can be purchased in a pack for a discounted rate.  With one on one attention and a curriculum tailored to you, this is the most in depth way to expand your practice.


Can I teach at Atmananda Yoga Sequence after completing the 200-hour training?

If you speak to our teachers, they will agree that their 200-hour training was a life changing and opening experience.  But it is also just the first baby step into a lifelong practice and a world of vast knowledge.    We want our teachers to truly address the needs of students and lead expertly safe classes.  Therefore the teachers at our studio are 500-hour certified or in the process of completing that certification.   Looking into other studios policies you will also find that it is very rare for 200-hour trained students to lead standard classes.

However, unlike other studios we do understand the importance of getting your feet wet and starting to gain teaching experience.  At certain points we do offer a Community Donation-Based Class on our schedule that will be taught by 200-hour graduates looking to gain experience and donate their time to the community.


What are the payment and refund policies for the Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certificate Program?

The Atmananda Yoga Sequence Certification Program can either be paid in full or paid in 3 installments at a slightly higher rate.  All installments must be completed before the last day of the program.  Fees are non-refundable for any Certification program.  Once the program is paid in full you are able to take any program any schedule throughout the year. If you pay for the program and your schedule changes you will not lose your money, you can come and take the program at any time your schedule allows.