Yoga Space Rental New York

At Atmananda Yoga Sequence, we rent out 5 unique spaces. 1 main yoga studio, 1 fully functioning kitchen, and 4 private room rentals.

Main Yoga Studio

The main yoga studio is a little over 1,100 sq. feet, has spaces to place mat rentals after use, cubbies for mat rentals, pillows, bolsters, blocks and straps for yoga class. The room also has plenty of lights and two large fully functioning speakers that are easily connectable to any iPhone or iPad. The room even has some seats on the far left so that students may take their belongings with them. No shoes in the main yoga studio. This space is more likely available during off-peak times with limited availability and can accommodate 40 people seated, 80 people standing.

$150 / Hour – Main Yoga Studio Rental (minimum two hours)

The space Please send your requests to reserve as early as possible so that we can work around the events scheduled daily in this room.

Fully Functioning Kitchen

A unique aspect of our space includes our full working kitchen and community lounge. The space is about 500 sq. feet. It includes an oven and stove, sink, small refrigerator, plenty of counter-space for cooking demos, a dining room table and kitchen supplies. This space has hosted everything from cooking workshops to dinner parties with friends.  The open feeling of the space always brings groups together.

$75 / Hour – Kitchen Rental

Four Private Rooms

The private consultation and treatments rooms are open for rental at all times.  Each space is 150 sq. feet with 12 foot ceilings and has large, east-facing windows that let in plenty of natural daylight. This space is ideal space for many practitioners and individuals seeking private and professional space. Chairs, tables, massage tables, bottle (massage oil) and towel warmers, yoga/exercise mats, blankets, small towels and sheets are available upon request. Each

1 hour rental comes with 1 sheet and 1 towel (additional towel or sheet are $2 each).

$28 / Hour

$38 / 1.5 Hour

$150 / 8-Hour Rental

$175 / 12-Hour Rental

$2000 / Full Month

The Benefits of Renting Our Space

Atmananda Yoga Studio has a constant flow of students and practitioners all interested in healthy living and wellness.  Our renters are an important part of our community at the studio.  Whether you simply leave your information on our community table, or hold a workshop for our students, this is the place to share what you do with a group of people who are always looking to learn more.

As a renter you also have access to the Studio’s amenities, including a front desk attendant, lounge with water and tea for your clients, bathrooms, changing rooms and any supplies you may need (chairs, massage table, mats, etc.).

Types of Services using our Space

Currently our renters include a Naturopathic Doctor, two Acupuncturists, several Holistic Nutritionists and Health Coaches, Private Yoga Instructors, Masseuses, Thai Yoga Masseuses, Psychologists, an Ayurvedic Doctor, Astrologists, Meditation Groups and many more.

Rental Policies

Atmananda Yoga Studio holds a 24-hour Cancellation Policy.
All cancellations in less than 24 hours will be charged full price for the space rental.