Take your relationship with yoga to the next level:

  • Deepen your understanding of your practice, mentally, physically and spiritually. 
  • Cleanse and heal your body through advanced practice. 
  • Learn the importance of proper alignment in the yoga asanas. 
  • Immerse yourself in a yogic lifestyle. 
  • Find your truth–your own “self-bliss”–and live it. 

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Our New York Teacher Training Programs (200hrs-300hrs) integrate ancient holistic teachings with the Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga practice for the mind body and soul.  They are complete Teacher Training Certification Programs that covers all aspects of of practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga.

Located at 112 E. 23rd Street in New York City, the Amananda Yoga Studio offers a beautiful space and incredible support on your journey of discovering your personal practice. We help you to find the connection with your inner being, your voice and style in teaching.  The Atmananda Yoga Sequence (AYS) Training provides a very strong foundation in proper alignment and helps maintain the body in its optimum state.

The 200 hour AND 300 hour Atmananda Certificate Programs are certified by Yoga Alliance. Upon completion, graduates will receive a Yoga Alliance certified diploma that will allow graduates to teach at Atmananda as well as globally.

NOTE:  Teacher Training is now being held at our new studio in Miami Beach, Fl.  See dates below


2017 200hr  Teacher Training Dates – New York City:

January 9th – February 3rd, 2017

January 9 – February 3

March 13 – April 7

March 13 – April 7

May 15 – June 9

June 12 – July 7

July 17 – August 25

September 18 – October13

November 4 – November 30


2017 200hr  Teacher Training Dates – Miami Beach:

February 27th – March 24th, 2017

April 10th  – May 5th, 2017


 300hr  Teacher Training:

(Advanced training only for students who have completed or have a 200-hour certification)

We offer both group and individual/customized Training!

Customized Training:

You can start anytime during the year, we’ll organize a training program for you around your schedule.

Group dates: To be announced.

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