Sarra quit the corporate world and has been on a spiritual and yogi journey for the past 5 years. She spent 6 months in Asia exploring herself and training in yoga and meditation. She is certified in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and Yoga Nidra. A wonderer and lover of life, she settled back in Miami on January 2018 to partner with Jhon T. and start a new endeavor now called Atmananda Miami to share her journey with the community she loves so much. Passionate about teaching and yoga, Sarra’s vision is to create a community of like-minded people who want to explore themselves, find healing, and fall in love with life.


500 RYT, John has been a practitioner of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence under Jhon T’s direction for 10 years. John draws on a diverse background of yoga and professional experience. John turned to yoga to open his body, protect his joints, and balance the stress of his professional career in New York City. John’s classes focus on balancing external strength, flexibility and alignment with internal self-study, pranayama breath control, yoga philosophy, meditation, and vedic chanting.


Yoga asks me to look deep within myself for the truth. This space of self-exploration through Yoga practice has been most empowering and enlightening. Whether in a group class or private lesson, my goal is to use my knowledge, skills, and life experience to aid my students in finding their own truths. My own back issues have lead me to practice and teach with a focus on maintaining spine health. I love teaching and sharing ideas with all types of students in order to expand and deepen their practice. I like to think that for the short time I’m with my students, I’m facilitating a part of their lifetime journey of practice and exploration. Without knowing it, they do the same for me.
Monica obtained her 200hr and 300hr certifications at Atmananda Yoga Sequence and is registered with Yoga Alliance.
Monica obtained her Chair Yoga certification at Yoga Union and is a also certified Thai Yoga Practitioner. She is currently completing an additional certification in Yoga for Backcare.



As a native Californian, Anna grew up with an insatiable spark to run, fly and live upside-down. This same passion led her to early training as a gymnast where she spent two summers at Bela Karolyi’s Olympic training site for the USA Gymnastics National Team. In 2012, Anna stumbled into her first yoga class to escape the pressures of harsh workouts and the never-ending quest for the “perfect body”. On the mat, she found a level of nourishment, self-care and profound sense of healing she had never experienced before. Anna went on to complete teacher training through Just Be Yoga, taught in the lineage of master teachers Jenni Wendell, Malia Hill and Jessica Micheletti.Anna believes that yoga has the ability to transform, transcend and heal on every level of being. Her purpose as a teacher is to create a safe space for each student; one where they can explore and discover freedom, stillness, space, courage, strength, vulnerability, forgiveness, self-love. Through thoughtful, creative sequencing mixing power vinyasa with ashtanaga, set to a soul-stirring playlist, Anna brings an authentic sense of empowerment to each class paired with an intuitive, soothing energy that nurtures and inspires students to go deeper. Anna holds a 200 hr. yoga alliance certification and has completed numerous extensive training courses in hands-on assisting. She also holds a B.S. in Interior Design from San Francisco State University and lives in New York City with her husband. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – The Bhagavad Gita


Bixi has practiced yoga for 8 years (mostly Ashatanga). She completed her 200hr.Hatha Yoga certificate in China and a second 200hr. certification at Atmananda. She has assisted many famous Ashtanga Teachers around the world including guruji Pattabhi Jois’s granddaughter Sharmila Jois. She was selected to be an international yoga ambassador in China Yoga Conference. In addition, her study in Tai Chi and Chinese medicine inspires her tobelieve that everyone can live a healthy life with grace.


After years of overusing and overworking my physical body and losing passion for life, I began my yogi journey at Atmananda Yoga Sequence through the 200 hr. teacher training program with founder Jhon T. Within the yoga community, I reawakened my vitality and creative spirit, reaching outwards to others, sharing love for all humanity and our earth through movement and physical embodiment. A professional dance artist and human rights activist, I am continually researching and exploring with the body, encouraging students to unlock their innate potentiality and cherish the individuality and interconnectedness of all visions.


Juliet has a BA in Dance and was certified through AFAA as a Personal Trainer. She studied at the Swedish Institute of Massage and is New York State licensed as a Massage Therapist and Nationally Board Certified for Massage and Bodywork through NCBTMB.Juliet spent an intensive year studying the Schatz Method to understand on a deeper level the relationship between alignment, trauma, and pain. After a month long training in Bali, Juliet received her 200 hr. YTT Certification through Yoga Alliance. Basically this all means that she’s an absolute anatomy geek and you’re in really great hands.


500 RYT, Kim is a native New Yorker, Harrisite, Cal grad, attorney, and former long-distance runner who started seriously practicing yoga in 2011 to recover from illness and offset malaise and fatigue. She loves to teach! Embracing Jhon T’s carefully crafted methodology, she especially enjoys teaching alignment and modifications. She hopes to assist her students practice safely and achieve a few moments of calm, reflection, and vacation while remaining right here in the city.


As a dancer from age two, Kira deeply understands the connection of body, movement, and mind. She became a formal student of yogic history and philosophy in 2012 and first fell in love with the healing practice of yoga in Buenos Aires, Argentina while attending Dharma Mittra style classes. She strongly believes in the healing potential for mind, body, and spirit through yoga. After negotiating the challenges of injuries from dance, she turned to yoga for healing, and was inspired to share this powerful work with others. Her practice today draws from her dancing roots as she links Vinyasa flow sequences to the breath. She values proper alignment in each posture, employing Iyengar yoga techniques to assist her students. Kira has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, is a certified clinical sound healer through IASH, and often ends her classes with Yoga Nidra and Tibetan bell relaxation therapy.


500 RYT, Prenatal Yoga Teacher
Founder of Happygirl Yoga
Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Kristen is a passionate, intuitive and motivated yoga teacher, specializing in an athletic-style Vinyasa and meditation. Kristen’s love for yoga grew during her early corporate years working in TV production to find solace from the high-level stress and long hours. From there, the hobby grew to a passion, and the passion grew to a lifestyle change. During this transformational journey, Kristen came to discover true happiness from within through self care, finding inner joy through the experience of leading a healthy and meaningful life. It is through this realization that motivated her to launch, with the intention to connect, empower, and motivate all women to shift their focus within themselves to live the best life possible.


My yoga journey began in 2010 when western medicine was not solving my medical problems. After two years of searching for an answer, I walked into a yoga class and my life changed for the better.It was my purpose to teach yoga to those suffering from all forms of physical or emotional illness. I’ve been teaching the art and beauty of this ancient inspired practice for three years. I received my 200 hr. yoga certification from Atmananda Yoga Sequence in 2014. Shortly after becoming certified, I wanted to focus on helping all sorts of populations and age ranges. In the same year I became a 95-hour yoga instructor for children with disabilities. Teaching at a school for learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and social issues was very rewarding. Although I loved teaching children, my heart was in therapeutic yoga. I studied with the well-known therapeutic yoga instructor, Cheri Clamped, at Integral Yoga Institute, learning to further heal the body. After having the experience of teaching numerous classes and individuals, I decided that being a 500 hr. instructor was all that was missing which I acquired from Atmananda. Those who have taken my class would describe them as soothing, full of love, understanding, and patience. All that I ask is that you listen to the music of your own breath. Outside of teaching yoga, I enjoy listening to music, dancing, creative writing, and photography. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”


Lilly Balch is a professional dance artist and yoga instructor based in New York City. She is originally from Vero Beach, Florida and received her BFA in dance from The Boston Conservatory. In order to bring a greater body, mind, and spirit awareness to her art she delved into the practice of yoga seven years ago. She completed her 200 hr. yoga teacher training in 2013 and has been teaching both private clients and group classes ever since. She has studied various forms of body and energy work such as reiki, qigong, tai chi, and Alexander technique which all inform her practice and teaching style. Lilly brings a mindful, positive, and bright energy to her teaching.
She has a constant desire to connect to her true self through a combination of art and somatics and is ever thankful for the path of yoga. instagram @lillybalch


Maggie Casden is a certified RYT-500 HR Yoga Instructor. She is also certified through Integral Yoga institute as a Postpartum & Prenatal Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing yoga for years, but really got into it in 2008 after injuring her knees from long distance running. She turned to yoga to find the same meditative and physical challenge that running provided. Yoga became much more than a physical practice it was transforming every aspect of her life. Her passion for yoga inspired her to want to share with others, and help people find their inner & outer strength through self-care. After graduating from Tulane University, she worked in event planning & design for several years. After wanting a change of pace she started working in her family run interior design firm. She found that the spaces & essence of a zen home created an inner sense of peace for clients; just like the physical and subtle body in yoga. “The quieter you become the more you’re able to hear” – Rumi


Navah has been practicing yoga for over 20 years studying under many great masters around the world from Bali to Costa Rica to her home base in NYC. With over a decade in the fashion industry, it was after a 3 day Paris buying trip packed with 22 meetings and 3 fashion shows that she realized just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Taking a leap she pursued her certification as a yoga teacher. Yoga was the gift she gave herself; the moments on the mat allowed for space and love to come in to the frenetic life of the city. It is this gift that she shares with her clients. Yoga is not an escape but an integration-allowing for new possibilities and new realities to emerge. Give yourself the gift of yoga and be reminded that you are the gift… Namaste.


500 RYT, Creative, multi-disciplinarian with inner bent towards philosophy Nga is grateful for the opportunity to have discovered the ancient art and science of yoga practice through the Atmananda Teacher Training led by founder, Jhon Tamayo along with supporting quality practitioners within the Atmananda Community. In aim to bring a holistic practice, Nga incorporates body alignment, breath awareness, and guided meditation, and hands-on adjustment within her teaching style. Nga is a 500 RTY Atmananda certified yoga instructor, a level I Reiki practitioner via Usui lineage with complementary practice in QiGong and Aikido.


I am a lover of magic, devotee of the mystical and healing arts. 500 RYT Yoga Instructor via Atmananda Yoga. I focus on proper alignment, the breath and yogic philosophy. My desire to understand the metaphysical has brought me to study the science of yoga. I love to share yoga with others because it unifies us as a conscious community; through yoga we can set our minds free. Besides being a Yoga Instructor, I am also a certified Moon Priestess via Goddess Rising Sisterhood. I hold sacred space for women to cultivate Divine Feminine energy.
“It is through the body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.” -B.K.S. Iyengar


Harriet is a glass artist and 200 RYT, currently working toward her 500L. She also has training in restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and self massage.

After spending many years lost in the standard American lifestyle of instant gratification, procrastination and poor nutrition, she set her sights on higher peaks. It was the path of yoga darsana that ultimately cleared the fog and led to her current obsession with wellness and the intersection of science and spirituality.

Harriet’s passion is to assist practitioners in finding their own voice on the mat. Asanas are living, breathing, dynamic postures that take form differently on different bodies, not static poses to force oneself into. She seeks to develop powerful flowing sequences that not only teach a practitioner about asana, but about their own proprioceptive capacity as well.

Yoko Poko

Studio Manager

Aloha! As long as I can remember, food spoke to me and gave me a colorful language to communicate with. After 8 years of working in NYC restaurants I found refuge at Atmananda. Connecting with my body, I started feeding my soul with nourishment. I let go of the fear of solitude and embraced the universe’s multitude. I rediscovered self-love. Today I wake up each day to share my love for plant-life, animal-life and One-life. To remember our place in eternity as we walk this planet to a new dawn, a new peace. Let us hold the light within…

Jhon Tamayo


Jhon Tamayo was born in 1967 in the south of Colombia. At the young age of 13, he left home in search of his true self. Jhon began traveling throughout South America, where he had the opportunity to meet and embrace countless people, with whom his experiences would later prove to be pivotal in his journey to discover a deeper understanding of life in a raw, organic form. Jhon created the Atmananda Yoga Sequence after he saw many yoga students in New York City injuring themselves, and realized that this was a result of other various yoga styles paying little attention to alignment in their teachings. He created the sequence in such a way that equips yoga practitioners with the tools they need to become more conscious about which movements may be the source of their aches and pains, and learn how to adjust their practice in order to prevent future injuries. The word Atma means ‘self’, and the word Ananda means ‘bliss’. No one has the power to give you bliss, only you can elevate yourself to total self­ bliss.

Miguel Mendez

Program Designer

Originally from Colombia, Miguel has travelled the world exploring his passion for cooking and adventure. Although he came to New York with the intention of being a chef, he was inspired by the Atmananda Yoga Sequence teacher training program. Miguel liked the sequence and Jhon T’s expertise of yoga so much that he received both the 200-hour and 500-hour certifications. Under the Jhon T’s guidance Miguel has developed a strong personal practice based on meditation, breathing techniques and consistency. He currently lives in New York and is working towards going deeper into the various aspects of yoga.

Sarah Giordano

General Manager

With over 15 years of yoga experience Sarah continues to study a variety of yoga techniques (including vinyasa, kundalini, tantra, and yoga therapy) as well as pilates, gyrotonics, and dance. The primary focus in her yoga classes is to guide her students through asanas to help them gain flexibility, improve posture, reduce chronic aches and pains, and improve muscle tone. Sarah is also a registered nurse working in an Emergency Department in downtown NYC. Her background in both western and eastern approaches to wellness create a holistic approach to the body. Sarah continues to be drawn towards a lifelong journey of learning which she hopes to inspire in our teacher trainees at Atmananda.

Ruiz del Vizo

I'm Christina, a Miami native passionate about living the best life I can live. Passionate about connecting deeper with myself and others, yoga has helped me find the light inside of me that I didn't know how to turn on. When I embarked on this journey, I had no idea that it would lead me here but I am so grateful that it did. Besides yoga, I'm passionate about photography, music, Mother Earth, animals, food, being outdoors, aerial/suspension fitness and making all types of art. Yoga has truly brought love and harmony into the foreground of my life and I'm eager to deepen my spiritual and physical practice through teaching, and sharing this gift with others.


I’ve seen first-hand how much yoga has improved the lives of the people surrounding me through positive intention. To be a part of this evolving and inspiring shift happening in our health-conscious yoga and fitness community is what I am passionate about. I look forward to connecting with you!



I’ve been practicing yoga about six years now and I tried as many styles as I could fit into my tight schedule. Half way along my journey, I realized, that yoga was more than just something I want to “do”, it become something I want to share with others. In October 2012, I went to a small town Khajuraho, in Central India and completed my first Teacher Training in Classical Hatha Yoga. A year later, I finished my 500hours Vinyasa flow at Atmananda Yoga Sequence in NY. Some people do what they love, I teach what I love! In February 2015 I started to study Thai Yoga Massage in Integral Yoga Institute in NY, to help myself be more familiar and easy with my students, when I adjusting them in their practice.

Last summer Pilates came to my life and I felt it could be a great addition to my profession. I’m an alignment based teacher and my knowledge of Pilates allowed my teaching to be deeper and wider. I got certified in Reformer, Chair, Tower, Cadillac, mat in Helen’s Intensive Pilates, Brooklyn, NY. Also, I’m Kettle Bell Fusion Instructor as well. I was working in Helen’s Intensive Pilates teaching Pilates, yoga, KBF, until I decided to move to Florida and continue to share my passion of yoga and Pilates with beautiful people of Miami.

Kristina Hazelbaker

Hey y'all! I'm Kristina! I grew up classically trained in dance and after college moved to New York for professional dance life. It was here where my fascination and appreciation for how the body works and moves began. In moving down to Miami I found a depended practice with yoga, found more awareness, and have learned to balance life. I am passionate about movement therapy. Using my dance background and yoga to help comfort and find connection between body and mind is my goal. Come move with me! Open your hearts, your minds, and those hips!!



Natalia completed her training at Synergy Yoga, Miami Beach. She has earned a Master's degree in Clinical Psyhology, and a Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Social Work. She specializes in cognition, mental health, and successful aging. She teaches psychopathology, human development, and research courses at Barry University at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and counsels older adults at the Florida Alliance for Aging!


Jhon Tamayo

Jhon Tamayo


Sarra Adnani

Sarra Adnani

Studio Manager