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What better business to be in than human wellness. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is widely practiced and respected around the world and has graduated over two thousand yogis and counting. Atmananda welcomes likeminded entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on our growing $27 billion dollar yoga market.

Jhon Tamayo and his Atmananda team will guide you with the following:

  • Initial consultation on the fundamentals on what it takes to open a yoga studio
  • A flexible style guideline to allow freedom for you to design your studio to your liking
  • Guidance on location, real estate, layout/maintenance, and construction requirements
  • Marketing basics: style guidelines for promotions
  • Operations basics: staffing, IT
  • Suggestions on class/program/workshop developments
  • Offer of 500 HR RTY Yoga Alliance certified yoga Teacher Training program ($6,000 value)
  • 50 Atmananda Yoga mats included
  • Your business will automatically have access to incur additional revenue through affiliate sales of the Atmananda yoga mat and related wellness products

* Note that the cost of airfare and accommodation is not included.

* Franchise license is a $17,000 annual and 2.5% monthly fee

To learn more email manager@atmananda.com or call 646-280-7223

Start your franchise today for $17,000.



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    kevin McGonigle

    Franchisee 2017
    Atmananda Yoga Sequence Rockaway
    Synchronicity is the word that best describes my experience with Atmananda. Prior to the teacher-training program, I had been seeking to study Yoga at many different locations. Not sure of any of them, my search ended upon entering the 23rd Street location. At the time, I had been doing my best to treat symptoms of Lyme’s disease that had left me unable to work. The teacher training experienced through the Atmananda sequence rapidly brought all symptoms into remission.

    Although I was exponentially grateful for my continued healing, I still found myself in a tough situation being out of work for so long and my wife and I expecting our first child. We had been dreaming of opening a wellness center where community can come together and share in mutual healing.


    As my training and my relationship with founder Jhon Tamayo progressed, we had the chance to realize the similarity and source of our vision. In collaboration with Jhon and the team at Atmananda 23rd Street, our road to Rockaway began. Following Jhon’s advice and trusting in our focused intention, the universe provided all that was needed to actualize this vision.

    Moving forward, with gratitude in action, we are here in Rockaway to hold the space for seekers like ourselves to experience the same inspiration, motivation, focus and concentration we have received from Atmananda. Om Namah Shivaya!



Yogis practice more consistently and enhance their practice with the aid of this revolutionary yoga mat, a trademarked and patented product sold worldwide.

yoga mat

The Atmananda Yoga Mat enhances technique and improves alignment:

  • Promotes a safe practice to avoid injury and protect joints
  • 100% rubber and eco-friendly
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced yogis
  • Sized according to height:

  • 5’2” and below = Small
    5’3” - 5’6” = Medium
    5’6” and above = Large
    Kids and extended sizes coming soon! <




Becoming an Atmananda Yoga Mat affiliate is a great way to help yogis of all levels develop a safe and consistent practice while generating income for yourself. Our Affiliate Program is designed to help yoga instructors, studio owners, bloggers, and anyone else seeking to earn extra revenue.