Integrated Medicine

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Dr. Sir Abdulla Smith-Ford

Dr. Ford’s integrative eclectic background affords him the capability of providing specific individualized patient care for optimum health, nurturing the body mind spirit continuum. He focus on each individual’s unique biological blueprint: doshas, maridians, marma points, chakras, emotional, subtle, energetic, and microcosmic body. This is accomplished using standard western medical sciences and authentic time tested indigenous arts, organic intuition, and clinical experience.

Treats conditions such as, but not limited to: Shingles fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, fatigue, anemia, sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, immune/autoimmune conditions, migraines, parasites, PMS, prostate, cholesterol imbalance, acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Ford is additionally the creator of The Perfect Body Health System. Also, Dr. Ford does integrative clinical nutrition and detoxification programs.

Other certifications, degrees and licenses obtained by Dr. Ford

  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor
  • Doctorate from Trinity College
  • Board certified as an Alternative Medical practitioner
  • Board certified diplomat in Nutritional Wellness
  • Master Herbalist Degree from Emerson College (phytotherapy)
  • NY State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Advanced Certificate in Tuina (Chinese medical massage)
  • NY State Certificate in Critical Trauma Care
  • Graduate of EMS Academy of NY State

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