Our Team

  • Rachel Abrahams


    Rachel Abrahams came to Atmananda for 500 hour certification after eight years of practicing yoga. Starting her movement career in the dance community as a performer and teacher, her love for the body and all things movement led her to go deeper into yoga with the intention of spreading knowledge and helping others. Rachel's classes focus intensely on breath and movement to honor and please the physical body.

  • John Barboni


    John has been a practitioner of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence under Jhon T's direction for 10 years. John draws on a diverse background of yoga and professional experience. John turned to yoga to open his body, protect his joints, and balance the stress of his professional career in New York City. John’s classes focus on balancing external strength, flexibility and alignment with internal self-study, pranayama breath control, yoga philosophy, meditation, and vedic chanting.

  • Monica Cirillo


    Monica was introduced to yoga in 2007. The intensity of her very first class inspired a spiritual journey of exploration into different types of yoga (Iyengar, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa) and various meditation techniques (Mindfulness, Transcendental, Kundalini, Guided Visualization). In 2014, she took a sabbatical from her 30-year career on Wall Street to immerse herself in the mental, spiritual, and physical transformation of a consistent yoga practice. Now a 500-hour certified teacher, her mission is to combine her experience, compassion, and mindfulness into a practice that makes the yoga accessible, enriching, and enjoyable to everyone.

  • Terry Jackson


    Terry is a certified Atmananda instructor. She has practiced yoga for over 10 years. Recently, Terry spent six months learning Hatha yoga in Barcelona, Spain.
    Terry, originally from California, earned her B.A. English degree from the University of Oregon. In 1994 she bought a one way airline ticket to New York City where her career journey began in New York City government holding executive positions in both the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations. She was drawn to JhonT’s sequence because he coordinates the bodies’ poses with one’s mental state of awareness to create a sense of strength, and peace.

  • Hari Bhajan Kaur


    Hari Bhajan Kaur began her yogic journey 15 years ago through the practice of Hatha Yoga. She is certified in Vinyasa through the renowned Conquering Lion program routed in Tibetan Buddhism, in pre-natal and postnatal yoga and found her home in the lineage of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is a KRI Level I certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, working towards her Level II and Kundalini Yoga Therapy certifications. She is certified in, and practices, Sat Nam Rasayan, the healing modality of Kundalini Yoga. She holds a thriving private practice where she integrates Yoga Therapy, Shamanic Energy Healing and Herbal Medicine.

  • Rebecca Marrazzo


    Discovering yoga as natural method to quiet the mind and connect with the body created a deep realization in Rebecca, which fostered an understanding that we must become advocates of our own self healing. She is 500 RYT under Yoga Alliance. With a natural zeal and deep respect for the practice of Yoga, Rebecca hopes to encourage a connection with our authentic selves. With emphasis on stability and alignment, students will gain strength, flexibility, focus and stamina. She hopes to give students the tools to quite their minds, connect to the body with breath, and honor ourselves with non-­judgement and love.

  • Ric Mathews


    A native of New York City, Ric spent 15 years building a successful career in digital advertising after graduating from NYU's School of Journalism. After reaching multiple professional heights in the corporate world, Ric decided to turn his personal passions in meditation, yoga and fitness into new professions and became a 500-hour certified vinyasa yoga instructor in 2014. He is also currently completing his certification in personal training through the American College of Sports and Medicine, as well as certification in Thai Yoga Massage through the Lotus Palm. Ric also teaches yoga at New York Sports Clubs and with community-based programs.

  • Miguel Mendez


    Originally from Colombia, Miguel has travelled the world exploring his passion for cooking and adventure. Although he came to New York with the intention of being a chef, he was inspired by the Atmananda Yoga Sequence teacher training program. Miguel liked the sequence and Jhon T’s expertise of yoga so much that he received both the 200-hour and 500-hour certifications. Under the Jhon T’s guidance Miguel has developed a strong personal practice based on meditation, breathing techniques and consistency. He currently lives in New York and is working towards going deeper into the various aspects of yoga.

  • Galina O.


    Galina has been practicing yoga since 2010, trying everything from Hatha to Vinyasa, to Ashtanga, to Iyengar. She realized half way along her journey that yoga was more then just something she wanted to "do," but something she wanted to share with others. In October 2012, she went to India to complete her first training certification in Classical Hatha Yoga. A year later, she completed a 500-hour certification in Vinyasa at Atmananda Yoga Sequence in NY. Galina is an alignment-based teacher and wishes her students leave her classes feeling inspired and energized, as well as physically and mentally challenged. It is through these experiences that she feels we are given the gift of being truly connected with one another.

  • Alex Rodriguez


    Receiving his 200-hour yoga certification at Atmananda Yoga under Jhon Tomayo, Alex has researched and experienced the immense abilities of the body to heal itself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Currently training for his 500-hr certification, Alex is receiving in-depth education on safety, alignment, subtle anatomy, anatomical assessment, and customized sequencing to fit any person's needs. Especially mindful about alignment, breath, and safety, Alex is eager to show his love for health, exploration, and discovery with you in your yoga practice.
    He also enjoys holistic health workshops, ranging from nutrition to shiatsu.

  • Paige MacKenzie Welborn

    Master Trainer, BUTI Yoga

    Paige Welborn is a dynamic and effervescent teacher, who leads women into a state of empowered self-love. Paige teaches workshops, private sessions, and classes at leading studios in New York, the East Coast and beyond. She has created Bikini Body BUTI-Camp, a six-week program designed to empower women to unleash their bikini body AND their radiant spirit with a tribe of sisters.

    Paige is one of a handful of BUTI Yoga Master Trainers in the world. She has been a teacher and student of dance and yoga for many years.

  • Kimberly Wong


    Kim is a native New Yorker, Harrisite, Cal grad, attorney, and former long-distance runner who started seriously practicing yoga in 2011 to recover from illness and offset malaise and fatigue. She loves to teach! Embracing Jhon T’s carefully crafted methodology, she especially enjoys teaching alignment and modifications. She hopes to assist her students practice safely and achieve a few moments of calm, reflection, and vacation while remaining right here in the city.