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Ayruveda Services at Atmananda Yoga SequenceAmita Banerjee

Amita Banerjee is an Ayurveda Wellness and Life-style Consultant.  She has the distinction of being the first student of the internationally known Ayurvedacharya Dr. Naina Marballi.  For fifteen years, Amita interned with and assisted Dr. Marballi, going deep into the knowledge of Ayurveda, the mother of all healing sciences.  This science has covered all aspects of human life and wellness for six thousand years.  Even with the astounding advances of modern medicine, Ayurveda, with its unique holistic perspectives, has kept itself present and relevant in all aspects of human life.

You are more than what you eat. Ayurveda’s approach to wellness begins with a thorough analysis of your unique constitution. It gives you the knowledge of prevention and maintenance through nature, creating a path of gentle healing and balance for the body, mind and consciousness. You will receive a custom life-style and diet plan built on four ancient pillars – Food, Exercise, Breathing and Meditation, leading to health, beauty and a stress-free outlook. Leave with a renewed approach to health and balance.

$125 1st session and follow-up $60


Amanda Young

Amanda Young

Realize and Liberate Your Feminine Power

Amanda Young is the founder of Urban Goddess NYC, an organization dedicated to educating and supporting women in embracing their highest potential.

Amanda guides women in liberating their full feminine potential through personal health and nutrition coaching, as well as transformational workshops, retreats and events.  Using Goddess archetypes and  embodiment exercises,  Amanda has crafted a transformational course for conscious women in New York City.  She also leads retreats and workshops in locales such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Big Sur, and Malibu, CA.

There are 3 primary powers of womanhood, and if you are not rocking all 3 in a balanced and integrated way, you are not reaching your true potential for achievement in love, work, and life at large. Are you ready to claim your feminine powers and live an extraordinary life? Urban Goddess offers workshops, retreats, parties, social gatherings, one on one coaching, a network of like minded women, and keeps you in the loop on all things fabulous and feminine. 

To find out more about Urban Goddess and what we are up to please visit


Andrea Moss

Andrea Moss

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching

Andrea Moss is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and founder of Moss Wellness. Through Andrea’s step-by-step, customized programs, she loves to help her clients reach their ideal weight, skyrocket their energy, and finally feel confident about what to eat. She strongly believes that the path to health and wellness should feel like fun!

Andrea specializes in natural weight loss, alleviating digestive distress, balancing blood sugar levels, and renovating diets to include the foods that work best for individual body types. She also works with running clubs and personal fitness studios to help clients boost energy, stamina, and endurance through natural foods.

Andrea presents group workshops on various health and nutrition topics and coaches individual clients and groups both in-person (at her Manhattan and Brooklyn offices) and all over the country by phone.
(917) 450-4642


Stephanie Marango

Stephanie P. Marango

Holistic Health Coaching

Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT, is a licensed physician and certified yoga teacher. Her Sacred Body Medicine practice is a holistic & hands-on approach to health that engages all components of your Sacred Body: body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit. When these components function in harmony, you express health. When out of balance, chronic symptoms such as muscular tension, headaches, digestive discomfort, lackluster energy, depression, anxiety, etc. may appear. Sacred Body Medicine teaches you to listen to & learn from your symptoms, and transform them into your fullest expression of health.

You may contact Dr. Stephanie at: For further information on her medical practice, as well as the educational services offered through the Sacred Body School, please visit: