Feminine Evolution Coaching

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Dawn Copeland

Dawn Copeland is a coach, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator. She has created The Feminine Evolution Process™ for women who KNOW they are being called to contribute to the world in a BIG way yet are still struggling to make it happen.

Dawn’s work will inspire and guide you to successfully launch your Sacred Mission into the world while experiencing healing on the deepest DNA level around money and self-worth.

Dawn has taught over 300 workshops nationally and internationally at such renowned places as Omega Institute, V-Day’s Worldwide Festival, Renfrew Foundation National Conference on Eating Disorders, Savvy Ladies and to women in Botswana, Africa.

She is currently being trained as a Shadow Work facilitator and creates stunning Red Temples throughout NYC. Dawn also co-created (with Joanna Lindenbaum) Journey to Yourself, a six-month training program based in NYC for women to access and integrate different archetypal types of feminine power and the SacredRhythms technique.

She is also a REVEAL faculty member.