Customized Yoga Teacher Training Programs NYC

Don’t have time in your New York City lifestyle for a month-long intensive teacher training program? Well, we’re New Yorkers, too, and we get it. So, we’ve created the Customized Teacher Training program just for you!

The reasons for choosing the Customized Teacher Training Program are endless. Often as a parent of young children, the full day commitment of our intensive programs simply doesn’t fly. Demanding work and school schedules can also be factors. And for many yogis, the allure of a Customized Program is that it allows you to move forward at your own pace.

The information you will receive in your training is extensive, and no matter what your background, it is beneficial to give yourself the time and space you need to absorb the material as fully as possible. If customizing your program feels like the best way for you to slow down and take everything in, we fully embrace your choice and we are happy to work out a schedule that fits with yours.



Atmananda Customized Yoga Teacher Training Program
How It works:

As a student of the Atmananda Customized Teacher Training Program you are required to complete exactly the same number of hours and curriculum as any other Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program. Failure to complete such requirements will prohibit you from earning your certification. To find out exactly what is included in our coursework, please visit the 200hr, 300hr, or 500hr Program pages on our website.

Much of the customized training is completed in small groups with other teacher trainees to fit your personal schedule. Working in small groups is beneficial, as it provides opportunities to work with practice partners and meet other students from different walks of life whose experiences can enhance your personal growth while you take this journey.

Your training may also be done as private classes, which provides you with ultimate flexibility in scheduling and the undivided attention of the instructor. However, since one of the focuses of our program is to prepare you with the skills to teach group yoga classes, we highly encourage you to join either the customized group or the intensive group, at least for part of your training.

When there is another intensive program running at our studio, we invite you to sit in on those classes as much as possible. Again, you will be exposed to the discussion, teaching styles and feedback of the intensive training community. This is a great chance to meet friends, practice partners and receive the supportive feedback that will make you a great teacher.

Please note: Your Customized Teacher Training Program must be completed within 9 months. You will have access to free unlimited yoga classes at our studio until the completion of your program.

If Customized Teacher Training sounds like the right option for you, please call us and schedule a meeting with Jhon T, the Founder and Director of Atmananda, or one of our staff members, and we will be happy to answer any more questions or concerns that you might have.

 $3800.00 (200 hours) – $4200.00 (300 hours)

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