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Founder, Jhon Tamayo

ERYT Yoga Teacher
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Jhon Tamayo was born in 1967 in the south of Colombia. At the young age of 13, he left home in search of his true self. Jhon began traveling throughout South America, where he had the opportunity to meet and embrace countless people, with whom his experiences would later prove to be pivotal in his journey to discover a deeper understanding of life in a raw, organic form. Jhon created the Atmananda Yoga Sequence in 1994 after he saw many yoga students in New York City injuring themselves, and realized that this was a result of other various yoga styles paying  little attention to alignment in their teachings. He created the sequence in such a way that equips yoga practitioners with the tools they need to become more conscious about which movements may be the source of their aches and pains, and learn how to adjust their practice in order to prevent future injuries. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is a modern vinyasa style practice that is rooted in traditional disciplines. The sequence was created with the intention for students to better connect to their body and breath, allowing individuals to own their personal practice, reaching a moment of inner stillness any place, any time. The Atmananda Yoga mission is dedicated to inspiring individual growth, embracing our unique qualities and building self-empowerment towards knowing our inner teacher within.

The word Atma means ‘self’, and the word Ananda means ‘bliss’. No one has the power to give you bliss, only you can elevate yourself to total self bliss.

With the desire to help his students further maintain a safe and consistent practice, Jhon T. became inspired to design the revolutionary Atmananda Yoga Mat ™, with mathematically placed lines that keeps the body in correct alignment, transforming how yogis around the world achieve their perfect pose.

The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is recognized world wide and has been taught internationally from Japan, Dubai, China, Germany, Sweden, Colombia, and the United States, graduating over 2,000 students. Jhon T. with his enigmatic presence and dynamic teaching style offers a once in a lifetime experience for each individual to awaken towards their inner truth.

Adriana Aranguren


I am a publicist and disciplined yoga practitioner since 2004 and a certified instructor (200hrs) in the Atmananda sequence.

Every time I lead a yoga class I give my best so that the students keep their breathing connected with their movements.

It fills me with joy when students show their physical or mental progress as yoga practitioners

Kayo Kurihaya


I was born in Tokyo, Japan and I studied in the United States a degree in social work and master in ICED, international community economic development. I worked in that area for almost 10 years around the world (Africa, USA, Indonesia, Romania, etc.) helping vulnerable children, until my eldest daughter was born.

I have always kept physically active attending gym, jogging, practicing karate, Judo, swimming, tennis, snowbording, etc.

After having a chronic illness in Paraguay, I started my path in Yoga.

In 2017, I arrived in Colombia together with my family, and here I learned Jikiden Reiki from Japan. I took up the second level of certification with Sua Patricia Castro while deepening in the practice of Yoga.

In 2018, I successfully completed and completed the 200hrs Atmananda (Vinyasa) Yoga training with John Tamayo, a process that totally changed my way of life.

Today I am focused on practicing and teaching yoga supplemented with breathing, meditation and philosophy, I cook vegan and Japanese food, I work as a volunteer in an institution for children with disabilities and I am a mother of two children.