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Unlimited Monthly Membership $140

Free Mat Storage
Free Unlimited Mat Rental
Free WIFI in the Studio Lounge
15% off of 1 Hour Private Lesson (Deepen your practice with a personal lesson on proper alignment
$10 Off of any workshop
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The Atmananda Yoga Sequence | Vinyasa flow

Seventy One classical and powerful postures make up the sequence and help you connect with your body. The most important element of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence is physical alignment. The appropriate placing of the feet and hands and engaging the right muscles play a crucial role in protecting the joints and gently guiding the body deeper into the poses.

The Morning Express:

This early morning yoga class starting at 6:45 AM will set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Class start’s with dynamic stretching for your stiff morning joints and muscles, and then proceeds to asanas and flowing sequences that will energize you just in time for work.

Open Flow classes

Classes fit for students of every level. Warm up with Sun Salutation, and then you will go through various hip-openers, forward bends, and backbends that will energize and open up the heart, calm the mind and fire the digestion. The movement initiates with the breath to bring awareness and connect to the vital energy of the body, Prana.

Lunch Express

Our Lunch Express Yoga Class is designed to bring harmony for your body, mind and soul – to relax, re-energize, and refocus yourself for the rest of the day. The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is the foundation for this class, omitting advanced poses.

Restorative Props

This yoga session uses props and postures held for longer periods of time to produce deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit. This yoga class aims to provide stillness and calm to decompress after a stressful day.

Vital Ki Training

Ki training is meant to help people connect to the energy and mind of the Universe and nature’s bright and pure Ki training is meant to help people connect to the energy and mind of the Universe and nature’s bright and pure frequency to help clear the body/mind of toxins and blockages. Chanting, Slow motion exercise & Meditations are the three components of this yoga specialty class which addresses the root of health focusing on body, mind and spirit.


VBUTI is a super fun and sexy workout that combines yoga,dance, circuits of plyometrics and BOOTY shaking! It’s a BUTI is a super fun and sexy workout that combines yoga,dance, circuits of plyometrics and BOOTY shaking! It’s a high-intensity workout, and SO much fun!. This specialty yoga class consists of deep stretching, BUTI shaking and heart-pounding cardio that will free your hips (and BUTI!), tighten your abs, and skyrocket your energy!

Hatha-Vinyasa Fusion

This 60-minute class that gently combines Hatha and Vinyasa traditions and ends with a soothing meditation. A class for all levels, the postures are accessible, and detailed cues and adjustments are noted throughout. A new sequence every week! A refreshing way to lax and unwind with and end the work day.

Fiery Flow & Juicy Stretch

This 50% flow, 50% stretch class warms you up enough to give your active muscles some relaxing love. Class will start with a Hatha yoga inspired sequence designed to get your heart rate up. At the halfway point we’ll grab props, get comfy, stretch and relax. Class ends with a 10-minute savasana allowing you to reap all the juicy benefits.

Flex & Fly

The Flex & Fly aims to demystify the mental and physical challenges of ‘going upside-down,’ while creating a fun and inspiring environment to build confidence for intermediate to advanced yogis. This yoga class focuses on inversions and arm-balancing poses, developing the strength and flexibility yogis need to practice them. This class consists of warm-up stretching followed by inversions with a spotlight on a different pose each week.

Core Yoga

With emphasis on your core, this is a rigorous and high endurance class using asanas that strengthen the muscles in, and surrounding, the abdominal area. All levels welcomed.



Meet Our Yoga Instructors | View Our Yoga Class Schedules


1 Hour Private Lesson with RYT-500 $125


1 Hour Private Lesson with RYT-200 $95


Monthly Mat Cubby Rental $15


Mat Rental $2


Pricing Policies:

All class packages (10 class pack, 20 class pack etc.) must be used within a year of purchasing, after which the package expires. For those on an Autorenew or Monthly Unlimited Package, we can FREEZE YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Please just let us know when and for how long you need the package frozen. The freeze time can only extend for a maximum of six months.

Atmananda Yoga Studio holds a 24-hour Cancellation Policy for all Private Classes. All cancelations in less than 24 hours will be charged full price for the private class.

Packages cannot be used toward Dance Yoga, Urban Breath & Chakra Meditation classes. A separate payment needs to be paid for these classes.

Specialty Yoga classes are not included in unlimited memberships or ClassPass. A separate cost of $20 is required.

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