room rental

Reserve one or more rooms with us today.

The benefits of renting our space

Atmananda Yoga Studio has a constant flow of students and practitioners all interested in healthy living and wellness. Our renters are an important part of our community at the studio. Whether you simply leave your information on our community table, or hold a workshop for our students, this is the place to share what you do with a group of people who are always looking to learn more.

As a renter you also have access to the Studio’s amenities, including a front’s desk attendant, bathrooms, changing rooms with showers and any supplies you may need (chairs, massage table, mats, etc.).

types of services using our space

Currently our renters include a Naturalistic Doctor, two Acupuncturists, several Holistic Nutritionists and Health Coaches, Private Yoga Instructors, Masseuses, Thai Yoga masseuses, Psychologists, an Ayurvedic Doctor, Astrologists, Meditation Groups and many more.

rental policies

Atmananda Yoga Studio holds a 24-hour cancellation Policy.
All cancellations in less than 24 hours will be charged full price for the apace rental.